Article On Fake Temporary License Plates

temporary license plate on acura suv

Earlier this month, 12 News Now (Beaumont) had an online article about fake temporary license plates:

Here is some text from that article:

Just days after, a Groves patrol sergeant identified a fake tag, but it led them to a bigger bust, which was a trucking company that was using 40 fake tags.

Here’s how officers can spot the difference.

“There’s a number sequencing that has to be followed that comes out of the DMV, and then there’s some ways we can check it through the databases to make sure that the vendor has been inspected,” Martin said.

Drivers have all kinds of motives when using fake tags. It can range from the following:

  • Someone who can’t get a car inspected
  • Someone who is driving uninsured
  • Drivers who have stolen the car
  • Drivers are committing other crimes

“I have a video of New Jersey,” Martin said. “We’re a shooting you. We have video of them putting a paper tag on the car, doing the drive-by shooting, and then changing the paper tag on the car.”

How are drivers getting these fake tags? Martin said Facebook, and it’s big business, too.

Fake tags have generated $220 million in revenue. He wants drivers to do the right thing.

“There’s a 30-day permit that the public can get for certain situations that comes from the county tax office. You will never, ever be able to legally buy a paper tag off the internet.”

This video explains more:



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