Helping Aspiring Drivers Across Texas Better Understand Driving Situations


Drivers Education of America is an approved provider of the Texas six hour adult drivers education course, which is required by DPS for those ages 18 to 24 who wish to obtain a Texas drivers license.  The company is using YouTube playlists, combining some of its training videos with city-specific videos (from other YouTube channels) showing various driving in/around/to/from the particular city.

This is being done to help aspiring drivers better understand the roads, highways and other driving situations for that particular city/region.  For example, here is the playlist for Frisco:


Here is the company’s playlist for Brownsville:

Some of the playlists’ videos for the specific cities show examples of smart & safe driving, some show different weather conditions or times of day, and some videos show examples (either deliberately or not) of poor driving skills.