High 10 Texas PACs with the best money available


After a very expensive 2020 general election campaign for control of Texas House, many political committees have used up much of their money. However, with statewide elections approaching in 2022 and a moratorium on dues for statewide officials and lawmakers during the legislature, it is worth examining which PACs have the largest war chests.

Based on a Reform Austin analysis of the Texas Ethics Commission’s campaign financial data, here are the top 10 PACs with the highest cash on hand in Texas.

  1. Texans for Greg Abbott *
    Cash on hand: $ 37.99 million
    Abbott increased its war chest significantly in 2020. Is he planning to run for president?
  2. Texans for Dan Patrick *
    Cash on hand: $ 19.45 million
    Patrick had one of the closer national competitions in 2018 with a 4.8 point win. So it stands to reason that he still wants enough for 2022 and possible runs for higher office.
  1. Charles Butt’s Political Action Committee on Public Education
    Cash on hand: $ 9.38 million
    The HEB billionaire gave $ 10 million to a newly created PAC in support of public education candidates. The PAC announced candidates from both parties before and after the November elections.
  2. Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC
    Cash on hand: $ 5.35 million
    This crime reform PAC, led by Dick Weekley, typically supports nationwide officials and moderate to liberal Republicans.
  3. Texans for Joe Straus
    Cash on hand: $ 3.82 million
    The former San Antonio House Speaker has kept a sizable amount since retiring in 2018. He has given some of it to another PAC listed below – the Texas Forever Forward PAC.
  4. Greenberg Sad PA PAC
    Cash on hand: $ 3.16 million
    This PAC is comprised of contributions from the international law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLC, which has annual sales of over $ 1 billion. You have given candidates from both parties in the past.
  1. Texas leads PAC
    Cash on hand: $ 2.17 million
    This PAC is an idea of ​​former Speaker Dennis Bonnen and should be used in defense of the Republican majority in the House. After the scandal in the fall of 2019, however, only a small proportion went to Republicans in competitive races. That’s all that’s left.
  2. Texas Forever Forward PAC
    Cash on hand: $ 2.09 million
    Former spokesman Straus used this PAC to support moderate Republicans who were orienting themselves to his business and public law educational positions. It is likely that he will do the same in the next election cycle.
  3. National Democratic Redistricting Committee
    Cash on hand: $ 1.96 million
    The group, led by Eric Holder, hoped to flip Texas House in 2020 ahead of a post-census redistribution session, but fell short. They could still play a role after the session when the moratorium ends and the gap for fundraising during a special session arises, as the redistribution is reported to take place in September.
  1. Future Now Fund TX
    Cash on hand: $ 1.87 million
    Another progressive group involved in statewide races had joined the Democrats’ failed efforts to flip Texas House in 2020. It remains to be seen what they will do after losing in November. They have an associated advocacy group to drive progressive legislation.

* These committees are subject to the fundraising moratorium that runs between December 13, 2020 and June 20, 2021 as they are designed to support a nationwide public official.


Despite not filing a semi-annual report, these two PACs had significant cash holdings in their monthly filing in January.

Teamsters Local 19
Cash on hand: $ 13.05 million

Texas Realtors PAC
Cash on hand: $ 7.35 million

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Written by RA News staff.