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From roadside attractions like Cadillac Ranch to the state’s myriad of scenic vistas, a drive through the Lone Star State is a memorable experience. However, keep these crazy driving laws in mind on your next Texas road trip so you don’t end up with an unwanted souvenir in your driving shot.

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Alcohol awareness

Beer - how to properly tailgatePhoto: Quinn Dombrowski

If you’re driving through Lubbock with a brew at arm’s length, be prepared for a ticket. According to Attorney at Law magazine, it doesn’t matter if the drink is sealed or has already been consumed by your passenger. That’s right, a drunk passenger counts “alcohol at a distance” in Lubbock. So if you are going to be a designated driver for your friends, leave your friends in the back seat. Hey, if nothing else, maybe this strange law will save you from puking from the bar on your drive home.

Sneak past on the shoulder

Texas Hill CountryPhoto: Zereshk via CC

If you’ve ever driven down a two-lane country road you are familiar with this frustration – someone hits the brakes and stops to turn left and bring the traffic to a stop. In most states, you’ll have to wait for the driver to complete the turn, but not in Texas. With the Lone Star State, you can push past the roadside in this situation. You can also go to the shoulder so other drivers can pass you.

Where is your wiper

Wet moisture condensation on the windshield of the rain windowPhoto: The news wheel

It makes perfect sense to ask for windshield wipers for vehicles. However, Texas plays by its own rules – your vehicle must have wipers, but not a windshield. While driving without a windshield sounds like it could be an exhilarating experience, it’s all fun and games until a stray butterfly hits you in the face at 100 km / h.

Local law madness

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Some cities have driving laws that you cannot predict. In the town of Richardson, drivers are not allowed to turn around. So make sure your navigation system maps are up to date before you hit the streets in this Texas city. San Antonio issues a $ 150 fine for opening a car door while operating a vehicle, whether or not you’re standing at one point. And in Fort Worth, it is a legal requirement to put the parking brake on before getting out of the car.

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