Highlights From 2017 Texas DPS Driver’s Handbook – Chapter 3

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We found some highlights from the 2017 “Texas Driver Handbook”, published by the Texas DPS. The full handbook (in PDF format) can be found here:


These highlights come from Chapter 3:

The Liability Insurance Law

The Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act was enacted to ensure all drivers are financially responsible for the death, injury, or property damage they may cause while operating a motor vehicle. All owners and/or operators of motor vehicles in Texas must
have at least the minimum amount of liability insurance.

As of January 1, 2011, the minimum amount of liability insurance is:
• $30,000 against injury or death of one person
• $60,000 against injury or death of two or more individuals
• $25,000 against property damage
To comply with the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act, a driver, unless exempt, must maintain liability insurance or be self-insured under the provisions of the Act. Evidence of financial responsibility must be presented at the time a person applies for
a driver license, registers a motor vehicle, or obtains a motor vehicle inspection report.
Every owner or operator of a motor vehicle in Texas is required to furnish evidence of financial responsibility to a law enforcement officer upon request or to another person involved in a crash.


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