Highlights From 2017 Texas DPS Driver’s Handbook – Chapter 6

car sign to pass with care

We found some highlights from the 2017 “Texas Driver Handbook”, published by the Texas DPS. The full handbook (in PDF format) can be found here:


These highlights come from Chapter 6:

How to Pass on a Two-Lane Road

1. Keep enough distance between you and the car in front of you so you can see ahead clearly. Check the rearview mirror, your side mirrors, and look over your shoulder in your blind spot to make sure the roadway is clear and no other vehicles are passing you. Turn on your left turn signal to alert any drivers behind you.
2. Check well ahead for signs and pavement markings for no passing zones, and always check for oncoming traffic in the left lane.
Be sure you have enough time and space to overtake the car ahead and return to the right lane before an approaching car comes within 200 feet of you.
3. Tap your horn when necessary to alert the driver ahead.
4. Pass on the left and do not return to the right lane until you have safely cleared the overtaken vehicle. Wait until you can see the car you have just passed in your rearview mirror before returning to the right lane.
5. Turn on your right turn signal and return to the right lane. Be sure to turn your signal off after you have completed the lane change.


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