Liability When A Baseball Foul Ball Cracks Your Windshield

foul baseball cracked windshield

One interesting aspect of driving laws is who is responsible when something happens to your vehicle when it is parked.  Such an occurrence would be when a baseball hits your windshield (foul ball leaves the park/stadium).

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From that article:

The owners of a stadium may also be held responsible for injuries and damages that occur in parking lots under a theory of negligence. Negligence requires a duty of care owed to the plaintiff, the breach of which causes foreseeable damages.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were recently held liable for injuries to a man who was attacked in the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium. The man’s lawsuit claimed the team was negligent in not providing adequate security, and he won an $18 million judgment against the team and the two men who attacked him.


Obviously you will want to discuss this with your auto insurance company and/or your preferred licensed attorney who handles property damage situations.