Should you obtained a Texas driver’s license previous to February 2019, your private data might have been leaked


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According to a Denver-based insurance software company, the personal information of up to 22.7 million Texas drivers license holders has been compromised.

Vertafore, which uses driver data to help insurance companies, said the violation occurred earlier this year when three files containing names, dates of birth, license numbers and vehicle registration history were uploaded to an unauthorized server.

The violation could affect anyone with a Texas driver’s license issued prior to February 2019.

Vertafore said it hired a “leading intelligence company” to investigate whether data had been misused, but it “found no evidence”.

The Texas Department of Public Security, which issues licenses and government ID cards, said Friday the breach did not affect the security of its servers.

“There was no violation of the Texas Driver License System or any other DPS database,” the agency said in an email to KUT. “The department knows the data event that occurred at Vertafore.”

DPS added that the Texas Attorney General, DPS, the Department of Motor Vehicles and federal agencies are “all investigating”.

The compromised files did not contain photos, social security numbers, signatures, or other identifying features on licenses such as height, eye color or gender identity, Vertafore said.

However, the leaked vehicle registration data included whether the drivers had a lien on vehicles, as well as vehicle identification numbers, license plate information, and the year, make and model of a vehicle.

Vertafore offers those concerned credit checks and identity restoration for one year.

To find out if you are affected by this violation, visit the Vertafore website.

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