Texas Driver’s License Providers Now Accepting Appointments for Renewals, Replacements in Places of work – Hall Information


AUSTIN – As the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) continues to gradually reopen Driver’s License (DL) offices, the department is pleased to announce the expansion of personal services across the state. This includes offering extended and replacement appointments as well as Saturday appointments for these services in selected offices.

Nearly 700,000 Texans had their DLs expired while offices were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This closure has created a backlog of customers who need to renew their licenses.

The expansion of personal services, as well as the addition of Saturday appointments specifically for renewal and replacement transactions, should help reduce this backlog and provide Texans with the services they need most.

As a reminder: DPS launched a deadline solution in May and now All services in DL offices are only available by appointment.

Extended service offerings; The extension remains for expired cards

DL offices resume the in-office services for the renewal and exchange of DL and ID cards. These services are also only available by appointment.

Previously, as part of the first phase of the reopening, appointments were only available for first-time Texas DLs, commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), learner licenses or ID cards, and for those who had to take a driving test.

It is important to note that the extension will still apply to expiration dates granted in response to COVID-19.

The renewal means that your Texas ID / DL / CDL / EIC (Election Identification Certificate) card will expire on or after March 13, 2020, and will fall under the period set forth in the State of Disaster Statement for COVID-19 , and is still valid for 60 days, DPS publicly announces that the extension period for the disaster declaration has been lifted. This 60-day notice period was not issued, and Texans still have time to complete their renewal transactions.

Saturday appointments for renewals and replacements only

To provide added convenience to Texans who have been waiting to complete their DL / ID renewal and replacement transactions, DPS offers Saturday appointments on selected dates. Renewals and replacements are the only services available on Saturdays.

The department is currently offering Saturday appointments in selected offices July 11th and 25th. Customers can plan appointments and check availability online using the DL scheduler. The department plans to continue adding availability to the appointment system on Saturday in the coming weeks.

make an appointment

DL services are now only offered by agreement on the new appointment solution. Customers can book appointments for a specific day and time up to six months in advance. DPS only switched to appointments as part of our efforts to provide additional convenience in order to reduce the waiting time of Texans in the DL offices.

Upon arrival at the DL office, customers can check in via the kiosk in the office or from their mobile device. Customers can only check in up to 30 minutes before their appointment. Due to the social distancing requirements related to COVID-19, we ask customers who will arrive more than 30 minutes before their appointment to wait in their vehicle until it is time to check-in.

For customers who do not use the online planner to make an appointment in advance, all DL offices have one limited number of appointments available on the same day. These dates fill up quickly and are available subject to availability. Customers who book these appointments can leave the DL office up to their specified appointment.

In addition, most offices may offer customers without an appointment the option to be put on a standby list. These customers have to wait in the office and are supported in case of cancellation or no-shows The number of standby appointments is limited to ensure that all customers are supported until the end of the day.

Online services also available

The majority of customers who come to DL offices in Texas (that was 3.2 million people in fiscal 2019) don’t have to. In fact, of the nearly 700,000 Texans whose cards expired during the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent office shutdown, about 150,000 can complete their transaction online, by phone or by mail, skipping the trip to the DL office. DPS urges Texans to check the expiration date on their card and call 1-866-DL-RENEW (1-886-357-3639) or visit Texas.gov to see if they are eligible to conduct their transaction online , especially with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, the fee for online, in-person and over-the-phone renewals is the same. Address changes and the replacement of a lost DL or a lost ID can in many cases also be done online (or by e-mail). Find out if you are eligible for online services by visiting Texas.gov.

Security measures in Dl offices in response to Covid-19

DPS continues to pursue extensive security measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that customers and employees are as safe as possible. The following security measures have been implemented in DL offices across the state:

  • All customers and employees must wear face masks or face covers. Exceptions under the Governor’s Executive Order GA-29 are persons under the age of 10 and persons with an illness or disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering. You can find the full list here.
  • Every person (employee and customer) is examined for symptoms before entering a DL office. This also includes checking the temperature.
  • Customers may be asked to reschedule their appointment if they fail the security clearance.
  • Only actual customers are allowed into DL offices to limit capacity and ensure everyone can maintain a safe social distance. Exceptions are people who need ADA accommodation; the elderly; Parents with young children; and parents and guardians had to complete a transaction.
  • DPS staff will disinfect workstations and devices between each customer transaction.
  • Eye exams no longer require physical contact with an eye test device.
  • Customers must pay by credit card, check, or money order. Cash payments are not accepted.