Texas Length Limits For Vehicles

image of animated RV camper in Texas

We found two helpful resources about length limits for vehicles in the State of Texas.  The first was this article: Trailer Towing Rules in Texas

Here is a portion from that article:


No more than three vehicles can be towed behind one tow vehicle using the “saddle-mount” method, whereby the front wheels are mounted on another vehicle’s bed, leaving its rear wheels on the ground (Section 545.409). It is typically illegal to allow a child younger than 18 to ride in a flat-bed trailer; one example of an exemption is if riding in a parade. It is also generally illegal for a truck or tractor to pull a trailer with passengers; though, if the trailer is designed for human habitation, this action is allowed.

The next resource is from the State of Texas website titled “Length Limits For Vehicles & Vehicle Combinations.”  It comes from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Nov 2019).  You may find that PDF here:





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