The Texan driver’s license in your telephone might turn out to be a actuality if lawmakers move the invoice


HB 273 would instruct the Ministry of Public Security to start a pilot program to create a digital identification system.

AUSTIN, Texas – Smartphones are already being used for credit cards and airline boarding passes. Now a Texan legislator is proposing a bill that your smartphone can use to hold your driver’s license.

Democratic MP Terry Canales (TX-40) submitted HB 273 to instruct the Texas Department of Public Security (DPS) to set up a pilot program for issuing digital identifications.

The bill will be negotiated on Thursday morning at the House Homeland Security and Public Security Committee meeting.

“It is necessary because it is the future and we need to prepare for the future. And in doing so, we have to use the technology that is out there and that we are all used to, ”said Canales. “The reality is we’re lagging behind and Texas should lead the way. We have Austin, Texas as one of the tech capitals in the world. And the reality is, we should have at least had one pilot. “

Rep. Canales’ office said it was an issue he had been working on for eight years. A bill that Rep. Canales tabled on the matter in 2019 was passed by the State House but made no progress.

In the last session, Rep. Canales passed laws allowing Texans to have their hunting and fishing licenses on their phones, he said.

Mobile driver’s licenses are something that other states are already doing.

In Louisiana, an app launched for digital identification in 2018 was the first fully functional app of its kind in the United States, according to the Louisiana Governor’s Office.

The Texas pilot program, if passed by law, would require the technology to work regardless of the wireless connectivity on the device.

If approved, the DPS would have to start the pilot program by February 1, 2022. According to the draft law, a report with the results of the pilot program would be due within 180 days.

WATCH: The Texan driver’s license on your phone could become a reality if lawmakers pass the bill


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