Tractor Driving Safety On Texas Roads


We found a helpful resource from the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation Workplace Safety.  It goes into details about farm tractor road safety.  Here is the link to the PDF:


Some excerpts from this PDF include:

Defensive driving is critical to the safety of operators who move farm equipment on public roads.

Accidents are likely to happen if the tractor operator:
•Lacks the experience to handle heavy, slow moving machinery,
•Drives too fast, especially when pulling a heavy load or turning,
•Drives partially over the center line,
•Drives partially on the shoulder and partially on the road surface, or
•Runs into a tree or other fixed object.

A major cause of tractor accidents on public roads is the difference in speed between cars and tractors.

The higher rate of speed results in the motorist approaching the tractor so quickly that they have only a few seconds to identify the hazard and react appropriately. In an effort to reduce tractor-car accidents various regulations and laws have been enacted.

All Texas traffic laws apply to tractor operators using public roads even though a driver’s license is not required. Each operator must know Texas traffic laws as well as safe operating procedures for the equipment they use.



This information is important for those who operate farms and ranches in Texas, or who are on the roads where slow moving vehicles, such as tractors, are driving.  For extra driving instruction safety tips regarding slow moving vehicles you may watch this video from TXADEC: