TREC Rules For Real Estate Agents And DWI

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We found this from TREC’s website about Texas’s Chapter 541 Rules Relating to the Provisions of Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 53:

§541.1 Criminal Offense Guidelines

  1. For the purposes of Chapter 53, Texas Occupations Code, the Texas Real Estate Commission considers that a deferred adjudication deemed a conviction under §53.021 or a conviction of the following criminal offenses directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of a real estate broker and real estate sales agent because committing these offenses tends to demonstrate a person’s inability to represent the interest of another with honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity:
    1. offenses involving fraud or misrepresentation;
    2. offenses involving forgery, falsification of records, or perjury;
    3. offenses involving the offering, paying, or taking of bribes, kickbacks, or other illegal compensation;
    4. offenses against real or personal property belonging to another;
    5. offenses against the person;
    6. offenses against public administration;
    7. offenses involving the sale or other disposition of real or personal property belonging to another without authorization of law;
    8. offenses involving moral turpitude;
    9. offenses in violation of Chapter 21, Texas Penal Code (sexual offenses);
    10. offenses for which the person has been required to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure;
    11. felonies involving the manufacture, delivery, or intent to deliver controlled substances;
    12. offenses of attempting or conspiring to commit any of the foregoing offenses;
    13. offenses involving aiding and abetting the commission of an offense listed in this section;
    14. repeated violations of one criminal statute or multiple violations of different criminal statutes; and
    15. felonies involving driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI)


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