Texas Dealer Education Requirements For Licensing

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The State of Texas (on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website) has education requirements for auto dealers.  The website says, “The pre-licensing training requirement applies only to dealers with an independent motor vehicle GDN. These dealers are licensed to buy, sell, or exchange used cars, trucks, motor homes, neighborhood vehicles, recreational off-road vehicles (ROV), all-terrain vehicles (ATV), and utility vehicles (UTV).”

Full resource here:  https://www.txdmv.gov/dealers/dealer-education


Additionally, that web page reads:

Senate Bill 604 in the 86th Legislature added a pre-licensing training requirement for certain independent motor vehicle dealers. This new requirement in Texas Transportation Code § 503.0296 affects:

  1. All new license applicants
  2. Renewal applicants licensed less than 10 years as of September 1, 2019.

Additionally, the law requires:

  • The training to be offered online to applicants.
  • Training must include information on laws, Board rules, and consequences of violations.
  • The training must be developed or approved by TxDMV.
  • The training requirement is one time only; after completing training, applicants are not required to retake the training for subsequent license renewals.



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